The Vision Team with Robert Hollis


Created by My Daily Choice / Hempworx 500k Affiliate Robert Hollis to provide his downline the ability to duplicate his simple, step-by-step system he's used for over 30 years to earn almost $60 Million, and he is currently the 13th highest earner in Affiliate Marketing history.

Robert has helped 55 people make over $1 Million per year, and has helped tens of thousands of people earn a full-time living from home, and the training inside the Vision Team, that he usually charges thousands of dollars for, is COMPLETELY FREE to all.

"Documentation Beats Conversation"

This Is Robert Hollis's Trademark...literally.  He holds the website and the US Trademark for "Documentation Beats Conversation".  What he means by that is this.  A LOT of people online will TELL you they make money.  Robert Hollis SHOWS you Documentation. LOT'S of it. 

SHOW.  NOT tell.  It's Important.

All the documentation of every step he and his wife Teri have used to become Hempworx 500k Affiliates in less than a year are inside the Vision Team.  And he teaches you the exact same system!

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